Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

We offer the following at our Christmas Tree Stand at the corner of route 313 and New Galena Road:

Quality Trees of ALL sizes

  • Fraser-Firs – Up to 15 feet
  • Douglas-Firs – Up to 13 feet
  • Special holding area to maintain freshness

Fresh Wreaths

  • Decorated Wreaths – Up to 54 inch diameter
  • Undecorated Wreaths – Up to 54 inch diameter

Fresh Pine Rope

  • Pine Rope – 25 foot
  • Pine Rope – 75 foot
#1 Stand Strait Dealer in the area

  • We drill your tree with the Stand Strait alignment system
    • No more struggling to stand your tree up straight
    • Have your tree up and ready to decorate in minutes
  • “Stand Strait” Christmas tree stands make it easy
    • Stand Strait 4 Leg Super Stand
    • Stand Strait 4 Leg Monster Stand

Watering Funnels

  • No longer fight your pitcher of water through tree branches to get to the bowl
One-of-a-kind Ornaments

  • Browse through ornaments collected over the years in our gift shop

Authentic Handmade German Nutcrackers, Smokers, and Ornaments

  • Authentic Nutcrackers made in Germany
  • Authentic Smokers (Incense Burners) made in Germany
  • Authentic Ornaments and Items made in Germany

A Winter Wonderland

  • Take photos in Santa’s Sleigh for your special family photo
  • Enjoy the Christmas lights in the night sky
  • Watch the little trains chug along their tracks by the Christmas shop
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